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Our webclient is not working right now due to java's update. We are working on it.

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Our rules have been update check them out by clicking here.

-   Staff   -
Right now, we need staff. DO NOT ask for it, get on and play.
About us:
About us:
We are a newer server that is looking for a good set of staff, especially a co-owner. However, we are a tougher Runescape Private Server, as it is pretty hard to evel up or make money. So join the 4 players that are currently playing by clicking 'Webclient' or clicking 'Client'. WE ARE NOT Runescape or Jagex, join Runescape at Runescape.com
Some players currently online:
Please use our recruit a friend by clicking the image below:

You can earn double xp and mills of GP on JamesScape daily!!! Make a video, tell your friends to join, Anything to help us and you!

  Top 2 Players in Skills:
    User: bread a wing    Prestige: 4    Overall Level: 408
    User: nv    Prestige: 2    Overall Level: 2475

  Top 2 Players in PVP:
    User: max combat    Total Pk Points: 1    Biggest Killstreak: 0
    User: ponyboyswag    Total Pk Points: 0    Biggest Killstreak: 0

  Top 2 Players in Economy:
    User: bears434    Total GP: 0B_267M_240K
    User: bread a wing    Total GP: 0B_191M_614K
   Top 3 Clans:

    Clan Name: The Helpers    Owner: help      Players: 298
     Recruiting: Yes    Clan Type: Help

    Clan Name: Nex Spectrum    Owner: Bread A Wing      Players: 18
     Recruiting: Yes    Clan Type: Pvm/Family

    Clan Name: Frosty Fc    Owner: devyn      Players: 1
     Recruiting: Yes    Clan Type: pvm/gambling


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